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sadfemme is a comedy web series that centers around Madison, a femme genderqueer person, and his self-destructive misadventures as he attempts to gain control of his life after ending a relationship with the man he believes to be his soulmate. It’s a dark comedy that explores millennial life in New York City through the eyes of someone who feels like he’s consistently being kicked when he’s down, and whose bad luck and bad decisions spiral to such low places that you can’t help but laugh.




creative team

 matt zook


molly watts


derek means

(director of photography)


kimberly rolfs


bring sadfemme to life. 

why it matters

When I was young, I remember lying in bed at night knowing that I was not a girl, but I didn’t feel like a boy either. I would close my eyes and think, “if I was a girl, it would all make sense.” I could be attracted to boys, I could wear dresses and skirts, and I could put on makeup. All without the ridicule of my classmates and the world. 

I’ve been trying to ask myself, why the world is averted from being feminine? Author and mother, Sarah Rich explains it beautifully in her essay entitled Today’s Masculinity is Stifling. 

To embrace anything feminine, if you’re not biologically female, causes discomfort and confusion, because throughout most of history and in most parts of the world, being a woman has been a disadvantage. Why would a boy, born into all the power of maleness, reach outside his privileged domain? It doesn’t compute.




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